tubli commercial apartment for rent

Property reference # MAT8987
250 BHD For Rent Central Tubli Bahrain


Spacious 2 bedroom apartment inside calm and quiet area in Tubli, semi furnished, easy to avoid traffic, 2 bathrooms, hall & kitchen, situated in the heart of Bahrain very easy access to all highways, parking available nearby for customers & clients, less traffic, nearby restaurants, nearby mosque, nearby hospital, nearby malls, no traffic, nice cool air etc.

Near to Zinj Lulu,
Near to Anwar Discount Center,
Near to Ansar Gallery,
Near to Extra,
Near to Petrol pump,

This location is very unique situated in the heart of Bahrain.The area is very clean and not crowded. There are famous cafes and restaurants nearby and it's a very nice place to hangout.

Floor Plans

Size Rooms Bathrooms Garage
1600 3 2 1